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Summer Tax bills will go out the week of July 1, 2021 and are Due Tuesday, Sept.14, 2021. Anything received after 5pm Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2021 will incur 1% interest with 1% added the 1st of every month. 3% Penalty added Tuesday, Feb.15, 2022

Winter Tax bills will go out the first week of Dec. 2021 and are Due Monday, Feb. 14, 2022. The last day to pay 2021 taxes at the Township is Monday Feb. 28th, 2022.
All unpaid taxes will be sent to the KCT Tuesday March 1, 2022 for collection.

SUMMER PROPERTY TAX DEFERMENT FORMS AND INFORMATION: You may be eligible to defer your homestead property summer tax until February 14, 2022 if you have a total household income of $40,000 or less AND are totally and permanently disabled, blind, paraplegic, quadriplegic; or are an eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or eligible widow or widower; or are at least 62 years old. Some agricultural property may also be eligible. Form is available on our website or at the Township Office; it must be filed with the Township Treasurer by September 14, 2021    Forms & Applications

Current assessment and tax information is available on our website at clicking here . Information on your property is free to property owners and for a fee to non property owners. The Kent County Treasurer keeps all records of delinquent taxes, please call 616-632-7500 or check online @

DROP BOX USAGE ENCOURAGED- you can drop your payment, prepared as if for mailing, in the Drop Box by the flagpole. Your payment will be receipted on the next business day. Receipt sent when requested, including a SAE will speed up the process.

We sent your tax bill to the mortgage company IF the mortgage company requested the bill. The message” Informational Copy” Means that your tax bill has been sent to your mortgage company or the tax service they utilize.  This is printed below the TAX DETAIL AND RIGHT BELOW THE PERFORATION on your copy of the tax bill. If your taxes are escrowed and your bill was not sent to your mortgage company, make a copy of the bill for your records, and forward the original tax bill to the mortgage company.

If this tax bill should be sent to a different taxpayer/owner address, please contact the Township Assessor at 897-7600. The Township Treasurer is not responsible for payments made on the wrong parcel.

The principal resident exemption form (P.R.E.) is obtainable from the Township Assessor or our website and must be filed by June 1(for the whole tax year) or Nov. 1 (winter only), for the exemption to be in effect for this tax year. School Tax Debt is levied on ALL property.



1. CHECK- If you would like a receipt, include both parts of your tax bill with a self-addressed envelope.  Otherwise, just include the lower part of your bill with your check and your cancelled check is your receipt. Payments made through your Bank Bill Pay, DO NOT arrive at the township on the date you pay them, please allow enough time for payments to be mailed from your bank to the Township. Payments must be received at the township on the day they are due to avoid interest and penalties. POSTMARKS ARE NOT ACCEPTED AS ON TIME

3. CREDIT CARD –Credit Card Payments ARE NOT accepted at the Township office HOWEVER, You can pay online from your home computer. Click on this link....  Credit Card payments for 2021 Taxes, accepted through Midnight Wednesday February 23, 2022
NOTE: There is a 3% convenience fee charged to all credit card payments by the company providing this service.  Log on to to make payment.

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