JANUARY 13, 2003



PRESENT:  Batchelor, Blough, Cornish, Sanford, Simmonds


STUDENT REP:  B. Batchelor


The regular meeting of the Lowell Charter Township Planning Commission was called to order by Chairman Cornish at 7:00 p.m.




The minutes of the December 9, 2002 Regular Meeting were considered.  Batchelor moved to approve.  Seconded by Blough.  All in favor and the minutes were approved as presented.




Tim Johnson (Main Street Planning) was present to discuss revisions to the existing Section 3.7 of the Ordinance.


Mr. Johnson presented a proposed revision to the Commercial Planned Unit Development Ordinance.  The revision is identified as No. 01-__-Z and accompanied his letter of January 2, 2003.


The Planning Commission reviewed the proposed ordinance in detail.  This included some of

the following:

    3.7.1     -  Improved description and purpose.  Provides more flexibility.

    3.7.2     -  Commercial PUD’s only allowed where permitted by the Master Plan and


    3.7.3.B  - Allow residential uses located above commercial office use – This issue

                    must be decided.

    3.7.3.C  - Allows flexibility, but also allows subjective interpretation.  Leave it in.

    3.7.4     -  Minimum Lot Size.  Current requirement is 20 acres.  Suggested minimum is

                     5 acres.  Much discussion.  Will revise the ordinance to a minimum of 5

                     acres.  Also will allow the Planning Commission to waive this minimum


    3.7.5     -  Design Standards.  Many are the same as in the existing ordinance.

    3.7.5.I   -  Current ordinance sets a limit of 50% of the area to be covered by imper-

                     vious surfaces.  Much discussion.  Should we allow more area to be covered

                     by buildings and paved areas?  Tim Johnson will research this further and

                     present additional information to the Planning Commission.  This issue

                     must be decided.



Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2003

Page 2


    3.7.5.J-O  -  New sections suggested for the ordinance.  All appear acceptable.  The

                         Planning Commission may wish to improve the separate/stand alone

                         ordinances for lighting and landscaping.


This concluded the review of the proposed Commercial PUD Ordinance revisions.  There are two outstanding issues:

  -  3.7.3.B -  Allow residential above commercial/offices?

  -  3.7.5.I  -  How much area should be covered by impervious surfaces?


The Planning Commission and Tim Johnson will do further research and plan to address these items at the February 10, 2003 regular meeting.  If these items can be resolved, the Planning Commission will then set a date for a public hearing on this ordinance change.




Jerry Denning (Township Enforcement Officer) was present to discuss the lighting issue at the Zeigler Ford Dealership.


It appears that Zeigler has reset the angles of the top tier of  pole lights.  They have aimed them downward even further.  The result is much improved.  A number of Planning Commissioners had checked these lights and concur that this situation had greatly improved.


It was noted that the eight lights on the side of the building were still a problem.  These lights need to be screened or modified to reduce their glare.


The Planning Commission requested that the Enforcement Officer contact Zeigler Ford and advise:

  -  The pole issue has improved and appears to be resolved as long as they maintain the

      current situation.

  -  The eight lights on the side of the building must be addressed and corrected.  These

      lights need screening or other measures to improve the situation.


The Enforcement Office will contact Zeigler  related to the above and keep the Planning Commission advised of the progress.


Commissioner Sanford advised that we need to develop a solid lighting ordinance.  A suggestion is to allow citizen input to this process.  He also provided lighting ordinance material to the Planning Commission.  This will be addressed with the Planning Commission's plan to review/improve/develop ordinances.


Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2003

Page 3




Mr. Mokma owns a parcel of land which is 10 acres with 261 feet of frontage on           52nd Street.  This parcel is located in AG-2 Zoning which requires a minimum of 4 acre parcels with 200 feet of road frontage.


Mr. Mokma has an existing home on the land.  He wants to split the property and sell two additional parcels for homes.  He would like access to the additional parcels via a private road.


The Planning Commission explained the ordinance and zoning requirements to Mr. Mokma.  Under the current situation:

  -  Has enough acreage for two lots (10 acres)

  -  Has enough road frontage for one lot (261 feet)


The Planning Commission noted that he does have 400 feet on his back lot line.  The Planning Commission suggested that he buy additional land to give him 400 feet of road frontage.  With that, he could split off one more parcel. The Planning Commission could then consider access to the second parcel via a shared drive.


Mr. Mokma will consider this matter further.




Mr. Friedrich was present to discuss his proposed residential PUD at 52nd Street and Timpson.


Mr. Friedrich owns approximately 37 acres at this location, which includes his home.


Mr. Friedrich wants to develop some parcels on 2 acre lots.  This would be allowed via a PUD.


Mr. Friedrich wants to have an increased density of parcels in this AG-2 Zone.  The Planning

Commission advised that his density must conform to the ordinances.  It appears that the maximum number of total lots that could be allowed is nine.


The Planning Commission recommended that Mr. Friedrich make formal application for the residential PUD and follow the current Ordinance.  He will consider.




Mr. Rosenberger was present to advise of a situation related to the Whispering Hills Residential Sub-Division.  Mr. Rosenberger’s property is adjacent to Barnsley Road which is on the edge of the development.


Planning Commission Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2003

Page 4


There appears to be issues related to trading property parcels between Mr. Rosenberger and Dykema Development.


The Planning Commission advised that as long as the developer was proceeding with what was approved by the Planning Commission, there was not anything they could do related to Mr. Rosenberger’s issues.  If the developer changes from what was approved, the Planning Commission could become involved.


The Planning Commission asked to be kept advised of this situation.




The Planning Commission will address this at their next workshop meeting.




There is a deadline of March 30, 2003 for action on the Model Stormwater Ordinance.


The Township Board requests that the Planning Commission take action on the following items:

  -  Lighting Ordinance

  -  Adult Entertainment Ordinance


The Planning Copmmission will hold a workshop meeting on Monday, January 27, 2003 to work on ordinances.




Sanford moved to adjourn.  Seconded by Cornish.  All in favor and the regular meeting of

the Lowell Charter Township Planning Commission was adjourned at 9:15 p.m.




Submitted by D. Simmonds, Secretary